Social Media Marketing (SMM)

As a social media agency, we have worked with some of the finest companies in the business. Through our social media marketing services, we have helped these companies reach out and engage with their target audience efficiently.

Increasing your footprint socially!

Social media is a complete world in itself. Right from high efficiency platforms like Facebook, Twitter to photo video sharing platforms like Instagram and YouTube, social media is ruling the world of individuals and brands.

  • Attract Leads With Facebook Offers
  • Use Social Media to Engage With Your Email Subscribers
  • Integration your Email to your Social Media Platform

Your web visitors are hunting for information or products. They make quick decisions without thinking.

  • Put your most important information first
  • Expect people to arrive anywhere on your website
  • Will make it easy for hunters to find you

At Graphixide we understand to Know Your Customer is a serious business, compliance is not an option, or just a nice to have.

  • The mandate to know whom you are doing business with, to ensure those parties are operating in a lawful, compliant manner is more urgent, more tightly regulated and more complex than ever before.

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